SASgov and Other Sources of Funding

The University of Pennsylvania provides a wealth of opportunities for students above and beyond their basic funding packages. Since these opportunities from various sources across the university, they may seem difficult to navigate at first. What follows is a comprehensive guide to funding opportunities available to research and professional graduate students in the School of Arts and Sciences. You may be eligible for more than one form of funding.

Funding for Individuals

  1. SASgov Travel Grant
  2. GAPSA Travel Grant
  3. SAS Dean's Travel Subvention
  4. GAPSA President Gutmann Leadership Award
  5. GAPSA Provost Award for Interdisciplinary Innovation

Group, Departmental and Event Funding

  1. SASgov Interdisciplinary Event Funding
  2. GAPSA Group Funding

Discretionary Funding

  1. SASgov General Body Discretionary Fund
  2. GAPSA General Assembly Discretionary Fund

Miscellaneous Funding

  1. Family Grant for PhD Students